Gift Economy And Why Permaculture is Crucial

Here’s the deal. I’m a big fan of the gift economy.
From here on out my #permaculture #design services are pay-what-you-will #pwyw. There will be no expectation of return.
I would much rather see a permaculture installation go in than receive payment
Food stability = important
When I see stuff like the this ad, I realize Permaculture is so much more important than anything else we could be doing.
This ad is an example of the food industry’s propaganda, pure and simple.
Agro-chem companies like Monsanto and Bayer want to make money, they don’t care about food production, the environment, or people. Profit over all else is a horrible business model.
They say their products will feed the world. Then why are people still starving? Especially when we as North Americans throw out up to 40% of food produced. That’s ridiculous.
The key to feeding cities is to bring food production inside of them.
#permaculture is a design process. We look at problems, apply a few principles, adhere to some simple ethics and we solve problems
With a focus on #sustainable and #regenerative solutions, we seek to create long lasting systems that add back into the earth, rather than take away
Modern agriculture does nothing but take, take, take.
Soil depletion is an acceptable fact of modern agriculture. The result of this is eventually those landscapes become arid, and unable to support life.
So they move on. Make a desert, move on.
Make a desert, move on. Over and over again.
Luckily for you, I know some secrets that can bring life back to those dead landscapes.
Regreening the desert is not only a possibility, but a reality. Look at what @Geoff Lawton ( did in Jordan.
#permaculture systems can be designed and installed anywhere you need them to go.
From urban to rural, small scale to large. From hyper-arid to rain forests.


And they’re not just limited to agriculture. I have solutions for waste and water management too.
Even social systems can benefit from a permaculture eye
The future is not bleak. There is plenty of hope, and our home, Mother Earth, provides more than we could ever need. We just need to work with her, not against.
Ask me how I can help.
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